40th wedding anniversary ~ Cat’s grandparents


This year was my grandparents 40th wedding anniversary and they wanted to hold a party. Of course Jeff and I said we would help out and between the two of us and my parents we planned this event for them! All their friends and family came and it was a huge success. There were so many little details: cupcakes, mini sandwiches, pom poms, a banner, a sign for the front door that my brother helped to make, and even favours! The favours were great – their favourite chocolates are Riesens, so each little box was full of them and had a tag with a different “riesen” of why they love each other. Here’s to another 40 years of happy marriage! – Cat (visit our facebook page for more photos)

And thanks to Dominic McDowell and Peyman Naeini for taking most of the photos – we were too busy being hosts!

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